Military Science

It is a problem statement, not a research paper.

-Problem Framing Essay. This 300-400 word assignment. Watch the video on problem framing ( and read the scenario document (attached). The INDOPACOM reframing of the environment 2030 reading gives the staff’s summary on the current environment and the desired environment.
-As this is problem frame based off a realistic, yet fictitious scenario, do not do any outside research for your answer. Use only the information provided/attached. Also, do not add citations and references to this document. It is a problem statement, not a research paper.
-Example problem framing essay attached.
Note: If this is a good problem framing essay, I will order a powerpoint depicting the problem statementt as an operational approach to reach end state. First is the problem statement, then its the operational approach (which has flowcharts with lines of operation and lines of effort, etc.).